Would you be more productive if you took just 30 minutes of exercise every day?

Why is it that we typically don’t invest as much time or effort into our health and fitness as we should? Is it the fact that exercise or ‘PE’ isn’t pushed in our schooling environment, or is it that we have an overwhelming drive to prioritise career and making money more than anything else? The irony of the latter is that physical exercise has been shown by many to improve productivity in business; many well-known executives swear by physical exercise as the key to their daily success. Sadly, being physically and emotionally healthy is not seen as a form of success by many, and is often forgotten about as a result. That’s why I would like to pose a serious question to you: Have you pursued success in your career at the expense of your family, health and wellbeing?

What is most important in life?
If it’s an effort to play football with your children in the park because you get breathless after two minutes, or you struggle to walk up a flight of stairs without letting your heart rate max out, then you really need to ask yourself whether or not you are prioritising what is most important in life. We are taught to prioritise quality of life over anything else, so why don’t our actions reflect this? It starts with our mindset. Often, the health and fitness goals we set seem unattainable because we have fallen out of a routine for too long. Can this be changed? Absolutely.

Why do you want to be fitter and healthier?
Instead of setting generic goals like “I want to get fitter” or “I want to lose weight”, try instead to figure out your ‘Why’. Why do you want to be fitter and healthier? For some it may be because you want to be active and enjoy your retirement when it comes. For others it’s because you want to feel fit and not get breathless when you play with your kids. If you can establish your ‘Why’, then you are far more likely to stick to a routine and achieve success.

Exercise can actually reduce tiredness and fatigue
The next step is to think realistically and positively about the benefits of starting exercise. Working in a hectic office environment can be draining at times, but it’s important to realise that exercise can actually reduce tiredness and fatigue if done regularly and correctly. Have you ever thought about how much more productive your work hours would be if you felt more alert, active and energised from 30 minutes of exercise every day?

What type of exercise gives you the biggest return on investment?
Finally, another point that often lets us down is that we are time-poor. We can’t (or think we can’t) dedicate the time required to make a change. You have to ask yourself how you can be smart with your time and what type of exercise gives you the biggest return on investment. If health clubs are too time-consuming, what about doing workouts from home? There are plenty of options which people don’t even think about, whether it’s doing circuits, buying a punch bag and doing some boxing or investing in a piece of cardio equipment such as a treadmill or bike. The options are limitless.

The value of home training
As the owner of a mobile personal training company, I see first-hand the value and the time that home training saves. Firstly, you cut out the procrastination of saying “I’ll go to the gym in 20 minutes”, as well as the time taken to commute. Secondly, if you’re just starting out physical exercise, a gym can be an intimidating place, whereas at home you can feel comfortable in your own environment.

You should now hopefully have the right mind-set to begin a fitness routine. Here are two tips to get you started:

Firstly, let your calendar become your best friend. Pencil your workouts into your diary like you would any other appointment. Plan the week and try and stick to your dedicated times.

Secondly, tell friends and family about your fitness aspirations and ask them for support to keep you on track. This accountability will lead to a greater chance of hitting your goal.

Just remember, it is never too late to turn things around. Try spending some time really understanding why you want to make a change. I guarantee you will have more clarity, and you’re bound to take action straight away.

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