Now dark nights are drawing in, many start to feel more depressed

December is here, Chanukah is coming! That means there is a lot of planning and organisation to be done. Families home from University or further afield, food to prepare and high family expectations. As fun and as exciting as this may appear for many, the holiday time can be a time of huge pressure.

Can a psychiatrist help?
A psychiatrist is often very busy in December. With cold, rainy, dark London nights, many people start to feel more depressed than in Summer, and I want to help you manage those feelings.
People really can feel more stressed. A stressor could be anything; worrying about going out, buying presents, food shopping, the cost of the holidays, what to cook, time constraints and worrying you won’t get any ‘me time’.

Family Feuds or Arguments
Family expectations could involve worrying about hosting large groups, the expectation of good food, lots of presents and providing entertainment. There is also the worry of potential family feuds or arguments, which always seem to happen when everyone has eaten and drunk a little too much or spent a lot of time together.

And eating pressures. Many forget that food can bring unwanted worries and upsets. You may be trying to stick to a diet, struggling with an eating disorder of not wanting to eat, or eating too much. This can be extremely difficult because it can be a time when you are forced to eat more and more without wanting to, yet daren’t say no. Specialising in eating problems, this is something I see a lot of.

Is now the perfect time?
I can give you all sorts of strategies to help with your mental health. Now might be the perfect time to tackle a problem that’s been playing on your mind, and that you’ve been meaning to get help with. Whether it is couple’s therapy, family therapy or wondering if a medication may help you or your family member with such things as depression, anxiety, eating problems, ADHD. The list goes on.

We can come up with a plan together

If you need any help or advice regarding this, do not hesitate to call. I was trained at Harvard in the USA and in London, I am patient and will take time to listen to what is worrying you, and we can come up with a plan together. I would love to help you get excited for the holiday period again, and I would make sure you receive the best treatment.

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