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About Amelio Private Healthcare

Better all round

Brought together initially by a team of exceptional GPs and healthcare professionals, Amelio VIP Privilege Club connects members with a wide range of experts in their diverse fields. All are respected by their peers and customers alike, have a wealth of invaluable experience and are united under the Amelio banner to provide the quality services you want, when you want them.

VIP Membership Privileges

Booking is easy. Simply call 0800 888 60 70 or click on the icons above to find the service you need.

Every time you book through Amelio, when you have made your choice, your Amelio Partner will contact you personally to confirm your booking details. You will be awarded VIP loyalty points for every booking you make directly through your Amelio club membership.

1 day virtual memberships are available if you just want to use Amelio for a one off booking, but for full VIP Members, additional benefits apply. Membership packages are available, with rates from just £11 per month to cover you and all the family members who live you. Full VIP membership qualifies you for special member rates. With significant cost reductions available, full membership can quickly pay for itself if you and/or your family are repeat or even occasional users of Amelio services.

There is no charge to use Amelio Partners

Apart from your Amelio annual membership fee, we do not charge for you to use the services of our hand-picked Partners. On the contrary, our Partners have a specially discounted price list exclusively for Amelio members. You pay your Amelio Partner directly, and no surcharge or commission is added to their fees as Amelio takes no payment from them either.

All of your Amelio booking enquiries will be sent directly to your chosen Amelio Partner. They will then confirm all the details, including costs, with you directly. When it’s time to pay, you will pay them directly too.

If you would like anything else explained or would like to book, please email or call our friendly, knowledgeable concierge receptionist on 0800 888 60 70.

Not sure where to start?

Select a category by selecting the ‘Browse’ menu option or call the Amelio concierge on 0800 888 60 70 and we’ll help you find the services or treats you’re looking for.